Some useful resources

I am always stumbling across wonderful resources that I like to share, so... (cue "Sound of Music") are a few of my favourite things...
Teal Swan
Teal is a remarkable woman who living proof that we can triumph over dark experiences. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and is now a teacher, author and spiritual guide.

She has hundreds of videos; most are instructional, simple, and practical. 
Hearing Voices & schizophrenia

Here are a few helpful videos to assist people who hear voices or want to understand more about this experience. 
Myths, Shamans and Seers: Phil Borges at TEDxRainier
Compassion for Voices: a tale of courage and hope
The voices in my head | Eleanor Longden
Schizophrenia & Shamanism | Terence Mckenna
Crazy Wise (movie trailer)